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FAQ - Specific to YayStar :

Please read this page before asking us your question!


What's up with the filename format?

We have two main different format for video, TVRip and iTunes, iTunes video is better as it doesnt have watermark and is a real native 1080P encode, it however may take time to be available.

You can recognize if you have an iTunes or a TVRip episode by reading the filename, if you have an iTunes one, you should see "1R" after the number of the episode(s), if however, you have a TVRip, you gonna see "1TV". 1R mean 1080P Raw and 1TV mean 1080P TVRip

Here a breakdown of the name:

YP - Well, it's our tag, YP for YayPonies.
SV - for "Star vs.", to identify the show.
1R / 1TV / 7TV - for "1080P Raw"/"1080P TVRip"/"720P TVRip" , to identify the quality.
01x01_02 or 01x19 - Episode number, if multiple episode, SEASONxEPISODE1_EPISODE2.
-Spazz - TVRip credit, since it's not made by us directly :)

Episode Numbering :

We follow TheTVDB numbering of the show, , This should make the episode easy to intergate in a media center solution (Like Kodi or Plex)

The metadata of the iTunes files only cover the first episode in the dual episodes file :

Because our UNDRM process wasnt designed for multiple episode in one, we're unable to add the second episode metadata into the MKV in a way that would worth it.


FAQ - Similar to YayPonies :

Please read this page before asking us your question!


Who we are ?

YayPonies is a second initiative as an attempt to getting the episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic out there in various formats after PonyArchive takedown.

Our episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is hosted on a server somewhere in Equestria.

What software or player should I use?

We recommand VLC Media Player or the CCCP Codec Pack with Media Player Classic for all versions of Windows. On Linux you can use mplayer or smplayer (check your package manager). On Mac OS X, you can use MplayerX (AppStore link).

I have read somewhere that Tor is for hidden websites that are involved in terrorism, child abuse and kitten murder. Why is Yay Ponies mirrored there?

Tor is a neutral network, everyone is anonymous, to protect freedom of expression, regardless of the nature of the content. We know that these kinds of site exist on the Tor network, and even though we are strongly against the terrible act of murdering kitten, the answer is that we simply don't visit them. We invite you to do the same, and visit only good sites, like those that provide you with ponies. :p (We like kitten. And ponies! :) .

Can I help you with the hard task of sharing ponies?

Firstly, always seed anything after you download it! Next, you can help out by giving us a server to run a copy of this website on, and add to the front page index. We have a light version of the site ready for even the most low-end servers, if required. If you have a source, you can provide us with episodes or subtitles. We especially welcome subtitles in languages other than English !

Can I donate money to Yay Ponies?

Donations won't be accepted. We don't really need money, and these ponies are not OUR hard work, but Hasbro's and DHX Media's. If you can, please support the show!

There a way to get faster direct download with hosting companies ? exept than being premium ?

It look like you can download from filecloud at a good speed if you create a free account and if you copy files on your account before downloading them.

I have another question, or I want to contact you...

If you still have any other questions, you can connect to the PonyChat irc server ( and join #ponyarchive. You can also join #yayponies if you're interested in giving us help. Finally, you can contact us by mail.